2014 by the Numbers

 was a big year with 79 days of racing.  I was keen to tone it down and focus more on good results at select races in 2014.  This worked out, but I still lost control towards the end of the year and ended up with 64 race days.  “No thanks” is still a hard thing to say when it comes to opportunities to race in foreign lands.  Here are the numbers from this past year!

14 countries: Canada, Nepal, Australia x2, Austria, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Mongolia, East Timor x2, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, China

64 Total Races:

63 Mountain Bike Races

  • Yak Attack (Nepal)  8 days
  • Rocky Trail 4 hr (Australia):  1 day
  • Australian Marathon Champs (Australia) 1 day
  • Wombat 100 (Australia): 1 day
  • Atherton Marathon (Australia): 1 day
  • Convict 100 (Australia):  1 day
  • Island Cup Marathon (Cumberland,BC): 1 day
  • Nimby 50 ( BC): 1 day
  • Alpen Tour (Austria): 4 days
  • Sella Ronda Hero Marathon (Italy): 1 day
  • World Marathon Championships (South Africa): 1 day
  • 24 Hours of Adrenaline team (Canmore): 2 days
  • Singletrack 6 (BC-Alberta): 6 days
  • Canadian Marathon Champs (Squamish): 1 day
  • Mongolia Bike Challenge: 7 days
  • Tour of Timor (East Timor): 5 days
  • MTB Himalaya (India): 6 days
  • Crocodile Trophy (Australia): 9 days
  • Timor UCI Test Events (East Timor): 2 days
  • Rumble in the Jungle (Sri Lanka): 4 days


1 Road Race: 

  • Steamer Hill Climb (Revelstoke BC) 1 day


2 Injuries:

  • Kayaking in the Gorge inlet– Dislocated shoulder
  • Walking from a swimming hole in Australia: Dislocated shoulder.


*19 wins

*8 stage races

stage race wins

*stage races runner up

*1 flat tire (Thanks Maxxis for the Ikons!)

*1 DNF (Yak Attack)

*23 laung haul flights (not including connections)

*1 National title

* Under 2.5 months at home in Victoria.

*9 months raced in (January, February and December missed)

* Most days raced in a month,  16 Marathons. (September)

*51 working days up in the oil patch

Big thanks to my sponsors for making this all possible 🙂 KONA, Wild Mountain, Freewheel Cycle, Russ Hayes Bike Shop, Nourish, Balance Point Racing and my bosses Daniel Vanderswan and Lindsay Wadsworth at Integrity Reclamation Services for giving me work whenever I’m around.

Onwards to 2015! (Schedule to be posted soon)10854440_10152578631736193_6807995849400382771_o

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