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Racing The Highest MTB Race on Earth

By far this was the most scenic race I’ve been to as we rode through the heart of the largest mountains on earth and into the hidden World of an old Buddhist Kingdom. A region rarely visited with stunning mountain peaks, true mountain people and a mystical sense of being on a different planet. The […]

Racing in Nepal- Yak Attack Round 2!

The Yak Attack is the highest mountain bike race on Earth as it traverses through Nepals grand Himalayan mountain range. It starts out on the World famous Annapurna trek, taking us up over Thorong La pass at 5416 M. From there we’ll drop down to 4000 M and head into the tourist restricted area of […]

Himalayan Riding- Onwards to Nepal

After long periods of good fortune it can be easy to forget how delicate this life is.  After a pretty relaxing week following the MTB Himalaya race my head was still a bit tired and I tried riding my Kona Honzo up the 8 km Triund trekking trail.  The first 3/4 of the trail was mostly […]

Accent Inns

This past July it was a great pleasure to establish a new Sponsorship deal with John Espley and Accent Inns . Accent Inns has 5 hotels across BC in Victoria, Vancouver Airport, Burnaby, Kelowna and Kamloops.  They strive to be different from the other hotels by treating all there guests like family and developing a […]

Incred!ble India- MTB Himalaya

Returning to India for the 12th edition of the 9 day MTB Himalaya MTB race was a last minute decision and turned into a grand adventure. It’s a fairly big one with 8 stages, 600 km and 15000 M of climbing in the footranges of the Himalayas with a different campsite everynight as the course […]

East Timor- Singapore- India

After Bhutan it was back on a jet plane for a couple days to head over to the Worlds 2nd youngest country in East Timor.  This proud nation situated in South East Asia is just 14 years old and is full of an excited group of locals working hard to push there country forward.  In […]

Tour of the Dragon (Bhutan)

Bhutan is a mystical Kingdom about the size of Switzerland tucked into the Himalayas between the two giants of India and China. This stunning country has put Gross National Happiness (GNH) ahead of GNP (Gross National Product) which has created a culture in which the 750 000 residents live a peaceful lifestyle primary based around […]

Mongolian Racing- Onwards to Bhutan

  The 7th Mongolia Bike Challenge started with a bang as 5 of us had an epic battle going from the gun tackling 6 days of racing across the high plateaus (1400-1700 M) of the Worlds least densely populated country.  During the 13th century, Ghengis Khaan and his horseman conquered much of Asia and Europe […]


Leaving Canada behind in the peak of summer is never easy to do but there was a flight to catch to Mongolia for round # 5 at the Mongolia Bike Challenge! The first cuople years the race was 10-12 days long, covered 1200-1400 km and would take us into the depths of Mongolia covering areas such […]

Canadian Marathon Championships

The Canadian Marathon Champs took place in the boondocks of Quebec this year as racers travelled from around the country to battle it out for the coveted Maple Leaf jersey.  The host village of East Hereford tucked away in the rolling hills of South Eastern Quebec morphed from a sleepy farming community into a buzzing […]

The BC Bike Race Story

The BC Bike Race  went into it’s 10th edition this year and has grown into one of the Worlds premier MTB stage races.    Starting on Vancouver Island, racing across Powell River, the Sunshine Coast, North Vancouver, Squamish and finishing in Whistler it is a great tour of the Canadian West Coast.  This year was exceptionally exciting […]

BC Bike Race

BC Bike Race has been one heck of a week thus far for  The Kona Bicycle Co…  The past 6 days have blown by as my teammate Spencer Paxson and his buddy Stephen Ettinger have journeyed together in my old pickup truck to  join the other 600 racers at the constantly moving carnival called the BC Bike Race. […]

Nimby 50- A Canadian Classic

The Nimby 50 in the mountains surrounding Pemberton BC claims to be a “technical marathon mountain bike race.”  At only 37 km it is rather short but it’s the toughest most epic 37 km I’ve ever raced as the course is dominated by tough single track lacing down steep mountainsides and over rocky outcroppings. The […]

Around the World

Last October after the 24 Hour World Solo Championships in California I took a break from racing to fix one chink in the armour and had my eyes Lazer corrected at King Lasik in Victoria BC.  A lengthy recovery, combined with a broken finger built into 6 weeks off the bike. The body took kindly […]

Uttarakhand Himalayan MTB Race (India)

Sitting in my hotel room in Chiang Mai Thailand recovering from  3 weeks of solid base miles with my buddy Simon bike touring across Northern Vietnam and Laos an unexpected invitation came in.   My friend Yeti from India was helping with a 2nd year race and was looking for some international riders to come […]

Vietnam Victory Challenge

Vietnam is a long and skinny country in Southeast Asia with a dense poluation of 94-95 million inhabitants.  It’s best known for its beaches, the Vietnam War, bustling cities and its culture.  Soccer is the most popular sport but thanks to the Vietnam Victory Challenge, mountain biking is quickly gaining popularity! The 3 day race is in […]

Karapoti Classic- Kiwi Crusade- Goodbye NZL!

The last 6 weeks in New Zealand have flown by travelling around touring and racing some great events like The Pioneer, WEMBO 24 HR Solo World Champs and Karapoti Classic .  Throughout the trip  I’ve been spoiled with kindness and support from new and old Kiwi friends alike and it created a trip for the ages.   I look […]

World 24 Hour Solo Championships

Going into the 24 Hour World Solo Championships in New Zealand I knew it would take the race of my life to defeat 6 time World Champion Jason English from Australia.  I had that race and am still shocked at what went down in Rotorua during those 24 hours as it was in a whole […]

24 Hour World Solo Championships Pre-View

The WEMBO (World Endurance Mountain Bike Organization) World 24 HR Solo Championships are taking place this weekend on the world famous trails in Rotorua New Zealand!  It’s been a wet week leading up the race but the forecast looks good for the weekend.  The course is pretty easy but the setting is awesome as it […]

The Pioneer Recap

The inaugural Pioneer was a grande success as the Kiwi’s had all there ducks in line and treated us 250+ riders to a sweet 7 day race through the Alps of southern New Zealand.  As far as scenery goes its tough to beat the drastic Panoramic views NZL offers with its open landscape, turqoise blue […]