Accent Inns

This past July it was a great pleasure to establish a new Sponsorship deal with John Espley and Accent Inns .logo

Accent Inns has 5 hotels across BC in Victoria, Vancouver Airport, Burnaby, Kelowna and Kamloops.  They strive to be different from the other hotels by treating all there guests like family and developing a fun atmosphere.  They take great pride in supporting there communities, protecting the environment and creating a welcoming atmosphere for everyone, including dirty mountain bikers and pet owners.

Some of the hotels are even equipped with bike stands, free rental bikes and mechanic stations so us riders can really look after ourselves.  It’s nice to show up at a hotel in which you don’t feel like you have to tip toe around.  Another bonus is the staff which are always friendly and full of local knowledge which really helps one feel at home and discover the surroundings.

Already this year Accent Inns has been a big boost in helping out my racing schedule by providing a comfy place to rest up between races. Whether it was crashing at there Kelowna location after winning the BC Bike race for a 12 hour sleep, or spending my last three nights in Canada regenerating at the Vancouver Airport location before launching on a 3 month journey overseas, I know I can depend on Accent Inns for a good nights rest and place to recharge!

Thanks for the support guys and for all that you do for the communities and locals across BC.  It’s an honour to represent a family owned business like yours which takes such pride in giving back, offering great value to its customers and making BC a better place to be!rich_exterior_2


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