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Dirty Kanza

Last week I hopped on a jet plane to the middle of America to race one of the Worlds premier Gravel races in Emporia, Kansas. Kansas state is known for its wide open plains and prairies as it is the breadbasket of America. The Kanzans are also well known for there BBQ’ing skills as they have […]

Canadian Mountain Bike Double Header

Catching a boat out of Victoria Friday morning  over to Vancouver kicked off what turned into a solid weekend of Canadian bike racing.  The first goal of the weekend was to build up my new Kona Hei Hei Race DL with Seth Cox at TBG.  We built the bike as much as we could then crossed […]

Guatemala Altitude Camp

Every year bike racing gets faster and more dynamic with different types of races filling the calendar.  This year the schedule is pretty diverse with 5 XCO (1-1.5 hrs) races, 6 short XC Marathons (2-3.5 hrs), 4-5 Stage Races,  4 short tracks (20-30 minutes), 1 x 6 hour Marathon, 1 x 200 mile dirt road race […]

2018 Race Schedule

Here is the preliminary 2018 race schedule with more to come..! February 12-15: Pokhara IV (Nepal)- 1st March 17: Army Sprint Race (Nepal)-1st March 30-31: Canada Cup XCO & ST (Victoria)- 22nd (crashing) April 8: Xela XCO (Guatemala)-1st April 15: Guatemala XCO (Guatemala)-2nd April 27-29: Whisky 50 MX & ST (Arizona) May 5: Sunshine Coaster […]

Winter in Nepal

Nepal is a landlocked country of 29 million people, squashed between the two mega giants of China and India.  It’s a unique country symbolized by the only flag in the World which is made up of two triangles. These represent the countries two main religions, Hinduism and Buddhism and also the enormous Himalayan mountain range […]