Enemy Territory

Since my last post I have relocated myself to Battleford SK to help my Uncle out for a couple weeks of driving watertruck. I eat red peppers whole rather then swallowing down greasy food and I’m an almond butter addict, not a chain smoker so i’m not sure if I fit into the mold of a trucker but driving around in a big truck listening to country tunes and splashing water around on gravel roads pissing off the other semi drivers as they get stuck in my mud holes is a great way to earn a dollar. On friday last week though Mother nature opened her eyes and took over my fun for awhile so I had the weekend off to hang out in saskatchewan. Not sure what to do with myself i started checking around and found out the Saskatchewan mtb championships were happening on sunday down near regina. Sounded like a good time so i tossed my bike in the pickup, got a thermos of green tea and headed south. Got into regina late saturday night in an impressive thunder and lighting show that shut down the rider’s game but provided for an entertaining night. On sunday I lined up with 60 other riders for a mass start, not sure who my competition was I decided I better go out fast and try to set the pace. After a lap I had a 1 minute gap which was reduced to 10 seconds after the second lap before I pitched’r into high gear and cruised in for a 6 minute victory. Alot of the SK folks seemed a little surprised to have an outsider come in and take there championships but the people out here in SK are probably some of the nicest in Canada and no one tried to drop there gloves with me. Surprisingly they wouldn;t give me the provincial medal as they didnt want it to be Alberta bound but none the less I left my tracks across the SK prairie.

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