Well La ruta 2007 has concluded for this yr so I hit the road and biked down to puerto viejo costa rica to relax for a few days. Found a hostal, rocking J´s, which had 50 tents set up in a barn type structure and another 80 hammocks in another barn along the ocean. Pretty wicked. Spent 5 days there, surfing and eating then hopped on the bike and pedalled down to borcas del torroa island, panama. The biggest difference I notice between canada and panama is that they have banana crossings down here instead of moose crossings. Yah for real, no lie, it scared me at first to see bananas crossing the highway but I guesse its common. My first impression of panama is that its people are mischievous alot like mexicans but at the same time pretty good people. There are also alot of americans down here investing in cheap land. The biking is pretty good, few cars on the highways, although the monkeys have started throughing things at me out of the trees and some crazy sounds come out of the jungle, something like a sasquatch slash rutting elk cross. Food is cheap, i eat bananas. They are all over the road. I ate 14 of them during a 4 hr ride. I am now swinging across pànama on vines. Well I got bananas to eat so until next time…..

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