Mexican Yucatan

Spring Break in Cancun is the gongshow of gongshows. After two days of hanging out in the chaos I determined that there are three ways to enjoy it there:
1. 8 beers,
2. 8 shots of tequila, or
3. 4 beers and 4 shots of tequila

On day three I headed south to the more civilized resort city of Playa del Carmen. Day 4, was spent with 2 other Canadians and an Aussie as we rented a car and headed south to the seaside Mayan ruins in Tulum. Tulum was a welcome break as its much cheaper and more relaxed place to visit then the northen resorts. Day 5 was back in Playa del Carmen for a beach day. Day 6 I woke up with the need to bike after 5 days off so I hopped a ferry to Cozumel and rented a bike for the afternoon to cruise the island. Riding a $70 wal mart bike is sketchy as the bike was ready to fall apart at any moment but it heald togethar for the day. Resting in the Mexican Yucatan has been a welcome break although on some occasions rest is difficult to come by a.k.a: Cancun. Tommorow I will head back to Cancun for another round before I start preparing for my return to the Northern Lands.

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  • DalRock March 24th, 2009 4:16 am

    tough break on the DNF. sounds liek a NEW rig is in order.

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