I had big plans after planting of a coastal tour down to the Test of Metal and BC Bike Race but I forgot about the post planting hangover which can last from 7-10 days. The problem is that the body is working on turbo mode for 6 weeks during the planting season and its all good until a guy takes enough time off to let the body shut down. This occured as the planting season ended and for 8 days I suffered as my body functioned like that of a 85 yr old 400 lb drug abused chain smoker from downtown vancouver. I would bike a couple days but when I had to walk up hills I had been able to ride since I was 11 yrs old I decided to let the planting hangover take its course and I huddled down and rested, and ate, and rested, and ate until one day I woke up and wanted to ride again. That day is today as I will attempt to get the engine going again with a 2 day blitz as I will try to ride 400 km down to a xc race in Kananaskis this weekend. Not sure if I will make it 6 km or 400 km but the sun is shining, the bike is clean and its feeling like a good time to roll on.

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