Road T to Cali!

I tried finding work for the fall but the bush scene has dried up so I have had to resort to plan B, A Road Trip to California! Yah, life is tough in this economic downturn so it looks like the fall is going to be full of spinning pedals, not planting trees. Tommorow its off to the west coast to pick up my Bro and then southward we go. Theres only one thing guranteed for sure on the trip and that is getting stopped at the boarder and being pillaged by the boarder patrol for having hemp seeds on the dash and a sketchy looking black truck.

The unknowns include trying to scalp tickets to a monday night football game in Oakland and racing in the USA Marathon 100 miler finals in Nevada. The race is the main excuse for the trip and has me pretty stoked as its 100 miles through the mtns up and down gold miner trails and down old outfitter trails. They call it the most wild and remote of the 7, 100 mile races and it sounds like an adventure in the making for sure.

After the XC Provincials last weekend it was back to Jasper for the week to ride some local trails I have yet to hit up this summer. After the last 5 days of sweet riding I have confirmed that Jasper is the #1 place to mountain bike in Canada. Other places such as Fernie, or Squamish come close but being able to ride a different trail full of wicked flowing singltrack for 2 weeks in a row without crossing the same line is pretty tough to beat. Add in the road rides up to Cavell, Marmot Basin, Maligne lk or down the south highway through towering mtns and you have a smokin place to ride around. My oppinion may be slightly biased but I was pretty pumped to get out to explore around my own backyard for a while after travelling around for the summer. Later on in September once the races are done it will be time to scale some peaks and check off a few epic rides i’ve had in the books for a while.

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  • Ronald J September 12th, 2009 4:59 pm

    Hello Cory How was the 100 mile race? This season you have raced a lot of good race, and did good positions congratulations… it seems that this season you will feel stronger for the RUTA. Are you come this year?

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