Race Weekend

Cracckkk!! That was my shin hitting a cut off log
on a fast decent during the first XC race of the yr in Port Alberni last weekend. 3 seconds later I picked myself up off the ground and looked down to see a ostrich ready to hatch out of my leg and blood flowing freely. The pain was at the level of whole leg numbness which is scary as I wasn’t sure if things were broken down there or not. Luckily things were alright although there was a good limp for the next couple days. First and hopefully last DNF of the yr.

The day before was a 120 km road race in Vancouver. The legs felt good but I’m pretty sure guys were peaking for this pre season training race. My goal going in was to empty the tank. Managed to do that in the first 10 laps through various poorly time attacks and chasing down breaks. Forgot to eat, cracked and then spent the last 2 laps hanging on for the bunch sprint. My elephant sprint came out and I finished 28th out of 35 or so. Pretty stoked to cream 7 pack filler roadies.

After the race weekend I headed up to Campbell River to ride with racer bud Simon Tremblay. Simon had the week off from fixing helicopters so we spent 3 solid days ripping up some great singletrack in the area. Cumberland, Forbidden Plateau, Campbell trails… Definatly some of the best kept riding secrets in BC. Riding road bikes is cool if your going some place but theres really nothing like ripping through the woods on some tight singletrack.

Last night the 3 week road trip came to a hault as I pulled into my bros place in Victoria. Pretty stoked to dump my travel bags upside down and start to set up base camp.

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