Central America

This blog has been functioning like my mind since the Vuelta de Costa Rica. Riding around chasing supercharged 125 lbs latin americans up and down mountain sides for 12 days has a lasting effect on us Canadian hockey players. We should be in good shape for pond hockey when we return to the north….

After the Vuelta everything hurt, thanks to my tico buddy Ronald, the healing process was sparked by 2 days of rest at his cottage in the Costa Rican countryside. There probably isn´t a better place to go after a hard race. Ronald, if we return to the Vuelta next yr can we book into your place for a week afterwards?

On Jan 1st Lilla and I hopped on a a free first class plane ride to Guatemala to visit her Uncle and spend a week staying in an Antigua mansion, a Guatemala city penthouse, cooking steaks on a volcano, tubing down a river, running over a mtn and swimming through caves. So good. Guatemala is the home of gongshows but for some reason this trip was pretty relaxing. Lilla did you have something to do with this?

Two days ago Lilla flew back to Vancouver for school. Being schooless I hopped on my bike and am now on day 2 of training for 2011. Yesterday training consisted of riding 5 hrs to the Mayan city called Tikal. I´m not a huge history guy but seeing giant temples rise out of the jungle is cool. Today the plan was to get up at sunrise and bike to Belize in the cool morning air. After an 11hr sleep it is now mid morning and I have opted to procrastinate a little longer by doing this blog update before heading out to train in a giant sauna for 4 hrs….

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