Lord Stanley

Coming back west is always great, top it off with sunny weather and good friends to ride with and its pretty tough to complain.

After a less then stellar trip on the Canada cup circuit it has been time to press the reset button on the season goals and get another master plan in shape for the rest of the season. The first goal is to sort out the back issue which has been sticking around like the plague. A couple of chirpractor appts, an acupuncture session and some physio has helped kick start the healing process. Slowly the back is gettting the crap kicked out of it and is starting to obide by my requests to remain silent while riding.

The past couple of weeks have been spent between Vancouver and Victoria riding a bit, watching the Canucks play with there fans emotions like a yo yo ball and catching the first taste of the Canadian summer to come. It has been great to have hockey as a distraction while the bike is taking a bit of a rest.

Sitting on the sidelines the past couple weeks watching everyone else race around is creating a burning desire to get back out there to rip it up. I think patience will be the key here as the fitness levels will need to be topped off first before there are any more hands in the air celebrations.

With a bit of downtime I have been working on getting the base miles back up there. Early this week Lilla and I headed out on the logging roads around Victoria for an overnight bike tour with the BOB trailer. Day one was great with a 5 hr ride up to a small lake in the hills. Day two started out great until the quick release that attaches the BOB to the bike disintigrated and fell apart into pieces. Apparrantly 7 yrs is its lifespan. This created an instant gongshow as now we were 40 km from the closest civilization with no way of packing our luggage. A pickle of a situation for sure. After an hr of scratching our heads a logging truck came by and we hucked the BOB on the back of it and our logger friend hauled it out to the highway and stashed it in the woods for us to pick up later. Mission one accomplished, next we road 5 hrs back to vic, picked up a truck, drove back for the BOB, and then back to vic, finally calling it a day at midnight. I have now added packing an extra BOB quick release to the bike touring list.

Tonight is June 13th, the night the Canucks lost games 6 to the Bruins. I am anxious for game 7 on wednesday night. 18yrs is too long to wait for the Stanley cup to come back to Canada. There is 41 hrs till gametime. Go Canucks!

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