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For the first time in my life I have a sponsor in which I hope I will never have to use any of there products.   That sponsor is Genuine Innovations.

Genuine Innovations has been a world leader in high pressure valve technology, design and manufacturing since 1989.  They are most often recognized for there popular line of tire repair and CO2 inflation products for both bicycles and motorbikes.

For the rest of the 2011 race season and heading into 2012 I will be relying on Genuine Innovations to help get me rolling again when I crash my tires into yak bones, nails and whatever else might get in the way of my bike.    With a full selection of CO2’s, inflators and pumps to use I will have the best tools at my disposal!

Possibly the raddest product I will be using is the  Mountain Pipe which is a CO2 inflator with a mini back-up pump built right into it.  This is something which will be very valuable on those days when I’m not so smooth and smash my tires into multiple sharp obstacles. 


Thanks Genuine Innovations for the Support!

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  • Ronald September 12th, 2011 4:56 pm

    Hello Buddy

    I hope this tool can help you to resolve your flat problems! I hope to have news from you very soon

    take care

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