Day 59

Work is work. January 3-4th hurt alot as the mind and body were still on vacation. January 8-10th hurt alot as well as Sean and I were tired but when your on production and the land is good you have to have to move like a kid who just downed a 2 litre coke. The weather has been a gongshow with it hitting + 5 yesterday and raining like it was Vancouver. And then today everything froze as it hit – 27 with the wind chill. We don’t know whats coming tommorow but we have decided to take a half day off to go hit up the biggest rec centre in western Canada on Macdonald Island in dt Fort mac. Floating down the lazy river, dipping in the hot tub and few rips down the water slide is just what the body needs after a week and a half of running around the woods in abnormal temperatures swing chainsaws.

9 more to go then its time to ride! Working has been rad but it will need to be put on hold for a bit as there are some big miles to ride in 2012.

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