Kona Road Trip

This past week has been unreal as I have been travelling with the rest of the Kona Team through the south western united states.  The trip began in California with some SUP (stand up Paddle boarding) in Satna Cruz and then it was off to the Sea Otter Classic in Monterrey.  The short track was a killer.  24 minutes of racing against some of the top racers in the world is a little different then the 24 hr races I’ve been doing.  I was pretty stoked on a top 25!  The  next day was the XC which was ripper fast.  There were some bike issues for myself and a couple of the other guys as we start to figure out the Sram derrailure setups.   Things are good to go now.

After Sea Otter it was off to Prescott Arizona for the Whisky 50.  Barry Kris and I stopped over in Palm Springs for the night to break up the drive and   get in some desert riding.  Palm Springs is a weird place.  the “strip” is the polar opposite of the “strip” in Las Vegas.  Lets just say its a very proper city.

Kona booked us a very large house in Prescott for the week leading up to the Whisky 50.  It is a fully equipped mansion with a gamesroom, bbq, 2 satelite tvs, steam shower.  The riding around the area is pretty stellar as well!


Friday is the downtown shortrack and Sunday is  the 50 mile XC race.


Check out the racewebsite for info and results!  http://www.epicrides.com/index.php?contentCat=6

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