Balance Point Racing

This weekend is the 6hr Salty Dog Marathon in Salmon Arm BC.  It is going to be rad as the trails are great and the atmosphere is pretty cool with 400 + bike riders out in force to battle it out for freshly baked apple pies. 

The crew from Balance Point Racing will be there.  They are a great group of riders, mostly from the Okanagan which train under the watchful eye of there experienced Coachs, Ginny and Andrew Sellars,  Luke Way and Chris Willet.  There philosophy for training is based on lots of testing and analyzing numbers, picking out a riders weakness and focusing there trainining there. This biomarker based program which has helped riders such as Geoff Kabush reach there level seems like a solid way to make the most of your training time.  It has me intrigued and I have started to work with them a bit for this year as riding a million miles will only make you so fast.

For years Luke Way has also been bike fitting and has looked after me like his brother.  I highly recommend getting your bike dialed for anyone who has never had it done as there’s weird little tricks that can make you and your bike a little bit closer and a little bit faster.  Often by changing your set up by just a couple millimeters  is enough to leave that poor sucker without a properly fitting bike in the dust!

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