Genuine Innovations

This past week after the Salty Dog there was a total of 4 hrs of biking and 6 days of feeling like I got run over by a freight train full of coal. The last of the Penicillin was used up, there was one more round of visits to the doc and dentist today and now its back to the trails out here in Victoria. I may be speaking to soon but I think things are heading upwards again. I am very grateful for Penicillin and the great medical system we have here in Canada as they can squash some pretty big problems before they get out of hand.

On another note there is a sweet token of news in that Genuine Innovations and I have come up with a sponsorship agreement for a 2nd year! My closet is now full of Big Airs, tire levers,hand pumps and various other Co2’s as well as a Top Dog Legend Floor Pump. Genuine Innovations has been a great company to partner with as they have been an industry leader for years and are still putting there hearts and souls into the cycling community. I really despise using there products as it means I have a problem on my hands, but in the big picture I know there is no easier or faster way to fix a flat than with there products! I owe Genuine Innovations many of thanks for keeping my tires full of air as I bash them through rough trails and roads around the globe in the endless pursuit of finish lines.

Tommorow is another VCL (Victoria Cycling League) out at Newton Heights. Not quite sure what to expect but as long as the body is healthy enough to giver then there is going to be some stellar training effect coming out of it. After that it is onwards to Pennsylvania!!!

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