World Solo 24hr Championships

This Saturday the WEMBO World Solo 24hr Championships will take place in Canberra Australia.  Landing here on Monday morning to see my Dad and his fiancee Eileen at the airport was like an illusion.  My Dad is farm boy from Saskatchewan who now lives up in the mountains riding his horses all across the Canadian wilderness.  Too have him and Eileen down here is pretty special and is going to guarantee a good trip!  He has his swiss army knife and duct tape so anything that breaks tomorrow which my mechanic Todd can’t deal with, he will.

First off we will tackle the 24 hr Championships which takes place on a very Australian course on Mount Stromlo.  Technically it’s an easy course but the environment is stellar with Kangaroos, Wallabies, Snakes and colorful Ausie birds all over the place.  I’m looking forward to the long ride out there this weekend to soak in the Australian experience and find out just how deep my mind and body can go.

Last year I came here on the spur of the moment, landed thursday night off a 32 hr flight with 1 day to recover, then had a very challenging ride.  It turned into a great mental training race.  The lead up this year has been a lot different, lots of racing, some great rest this week and at the moment all systems are fired up!    The competition this year is deeper with 3 time World Champ Jason English leading a posse of 5 or so very fit and keen Aussies.  UK champ Matt Page is a little diesel engine, Oliver Whalley from New Zealand (2012 Tour of Divide Champ), and Kelly Magelky from the USA (Previous runner up at Worlds).  It’s going to be a great battle out there with these guys. A 24 hours which I’m sure will be imprinted into many of our minds and legs for a long time afterwards!

My pit crew is solid and have instructions to keep it light and to enjoy the night.  Thanks Dad, Eilleen, Todd Nowack, Tarren Sohier, Darro Stinson and Mike Blewitt for coming down to enjoy the race with me.

Huge thanks to Todd @ the Bike Shed and Kona for bringing the King back to life after Malaysia.

Also a huge thanks to Hiran for setting up a new light sponsor with Radical Lights for the weekend.  I’m looking forward to ripping through the night on your high beams!

Live Results from the Race can be found starting Saturday 12 pm Aussie time, which equates to Friday 6 PM CANADIAN west coast time:

Off to my igloo to fuel up on Canadian Bacon and Maple syrup.

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  • Catharine October 11th, 2013 3:29 pm

    Good luck Cory!

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